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Island Host Group Domain management services






Tuned for Optimum Performance

New functionality brings maximum power to everyone.

Dedicated Servers

Powerful processors with efficient architecture. NVMes, SSDs, HDDs.
$145.20 /Month

Cloud Servers

High-speed cloud servers at an affordable price. Possible hourly payment.
$15.99 /Month

SSL Certificates

With a range of brands, we have the right certificate for all your site security needs
$17.95 /Year

WordPress Hosting

Easy setup for your WordPress websites, automatic updates to keep your sites secure!
$194.28 /Year



Island Host Group's drag and drop website builder is designed to be easy, eCommerce-friendly, and perfect for your new business.

Secure your website

With a SSL Certificate

A security certificate is a type of certification that authenticates a website's identity and ensures the transfer of data sent to you from it is kept private.

Cloud Hosting

Island Host Group's hosting plans, which is delivered with the assistance of NGINX+ cache (an application accelerator), enables you to speed your website more than a system that relies on a traditional application server. And with our high-density computing hardware and state-of-the-art server facilities, you will additionally benefit!


Let us create your website with WordPress.

We build exciting experiences.

Using awesome and exciting design, we build end-to-end experiences that are inspiring.

We provide quick response

We'll get you online quickly, typically in a matter of weeks, depending on the intricacy of your web site.

We'll stay on track and within budget

Once the work scope is determined, a budget and deadline are created, and the project is approved, we act according to them.

We work in small teams to achieve our goals

We understand the industry and hone in on the requirements of the customer. So, our teams are selected based on these criteria, as well as their knowledge of your problem.

We can offer exceptional pricing

Designing websites is our specialty, which we complete for clients at competitive prices with quicker turnaround time than with other web design companies. It is facilitated by our team's familiarity with in-house know-how.

Diverse line of products enable

professionals to meet their needs.

Choose from an array of options suited to your needs as a Web Designer or Developer


Dynamic plans designed for security, speed and scalability.

cPanel | SEO

Increase website traffic and optimize your website content.

Set up an SSL Certificate for your site with 256-bit AES encryption.


Use the most secure encryption services available to shield your data.


Create the perfect site with powerful drag and drop tools

Site Builder

Smart design techniques for a polished, professional result.

Code Guard

Protect your website with daily automated backups

Email Security

Take back control of your inbox

Improve your Site's traffic and Grow your Business

Office business designer management workplace

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