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We provide Content Writing Services to companies looking to generate quality content to increase their brand authority and grow their business.


Content Services

If you're looking for a way to increase your brand authority and engage your customers, there's no better way to do it than through great blogs and articles. With our SEO blog content services, we can help you get more traffic and leads by creating high-quality articles that will rank on Google and other search engines. Plus, I can help you engage your customer base in new ways, giving them a reason to keep coming back to your site.

Pricing Packages

  • 600 1 0 2-4 Days Not Included Not Included Yes 100%
  • 1000 2 1-4 4-6 Days Included Included Yes 100%
  • 1500 3 2-6 8-10 Days Included Included Yes 100%
  • Teir 1 1
  • Teir 2 2
  • Teir 3 3
Teir 1
Words: 600
Focus Words: 1
Images: 0
Turnaround Time: 2-4 Days
Conclusion: Not Included
SEO Keyword: Not Included
Title Creation: Yes
Plagiarism: 100%
Teir 1
Words: 1000
Focus Words: 2
Images: 1-4
Turnaround Time: 4-6 Days
Conclusion: Included
SEO Keyword: Included
Title Creation: Yes
Plagiarism: 100%
Teir 1
Words: 1500
Focus Words: 3
Images: 2-6
Turnaround Time: 8-10 Days
Conclusion: Included
SEO Keyword: Included
Title Creation: Yes
Plagiarism: 100%

The turnaround times mentioned are meant as a guide and are based on past projects and internal processes. We try to stick to these timelines for all projects, but depending on the project complexity, the final timeline may be different for different kinds of projects. 

Content Services

Island Host Group will offer your business with a multitude of benefits, including increasing your website traffic, converting traffic into leads, driving long-term results, improving your link building strategy, and sharing company and industry news. Our professional blog writers will create content that is specifically targeted toward you.

Website Content Creation

The team at Island Host Group can create web pages on your website that appeal to potential customers, like the specifics of your business, your experience or areas you choose to serve, and other relevant information for the readers' knowledge. Island Host Group will also be able to create compelling content for your blogs and website with information surrounding your industry.

You are not a expert writer

When you're successful in business, it's because you possess expert knowledge in your area of expertise. You are great at managing the requirements of your patrons and customers. But that doesn't always mean you can communicate well with them in writing. The craft of writing takes time and expertise. Most often, successful businesspeople are expert bloggers, but they attempt to do so themselves.

Excel In Your Corner of the Market.

If you're like most entrepreneurs, hiring a writer may help your company stand out from the competition. Your blog posts will be well written and appealing to your audience. Most business owners either lack the time or aren't very good writers. Now and then they'll also designate a colleague or staff member to write blog posts.

We do all of the writing - You Get The Credit

If you choose to work as you blog ghostwriter for Island Host Group, we provide you with all the credit for well-written content that impresses your clients and keeps you in touch with your contacts. Everything we write for you is published under your name, and you retain the rights to republish it as often as you wish. One blog post can be reframed multiple times on different social media networks.

Lack time to write.

We understand your busy schedule. Although you plan to share your numerous thoughts with the world, you just never get around to writing. Nobody can refute the fact that producing fresh web content aids your website get ranked higher by Google. However, this does not change the fact that you need to consistently publish new content.

Benefits of Original Content Creation

For small businesses, specifically, content creation is the key to success. However, you may be reluctant to waste time and money on content creation for your small business. However, we are here to provide clarity and inform you that content creation is necessary.

Boost brand awareness

To build your company's customer base, you'll have to cultivate a unique style for marketing and displaying your product. You must establish your brand 's voice and positive values and establish your name to get in touch with customers and clients. To do this most effectively, create original content and post it in blogs and social media.

Elevate the customer experience

Providing customers with creative solutions and service can ensure that the service you provide is unparalleled. If you use original content, you can actively educate your customers about your products or services, provide product demos, and create frequently asked questions and how-to guides.

Customer Retention

When clients enjoy your business' offering, they may follow your social media pages or subscribe to your blog or newsletter. If you frequently update your website with posts and messages, you keep your brand name fresh in their minds. Clients appreciate when you outline just how broad your services are and how it can benefit them.

Demonstrate value

Show your value to your audience by sharing original, educational content. Sharing quality content demonstrates your knowledge and understanding of your industry to your audience, which in turn lets them see that you know what you're doing.

We love to assist. Seriously.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you're still unsure. We are here to help our customers, but we have no trouble providing service to others who are not our clients.