Dedicated Servers

Our All-New Ultrafast Dedicated SSD Servers


Dedicated Servers (SSD) Plans

Our All-New Ultrafast Dedicated SSD Servers


  • Intel Xeon D-2141 Processor
  • 8 CPU Cores x 2.20 Ghz CPU
  • 16 Gb RAM DDR4 Memory
  • 500 GB RAID Level 1 SSD Hard Drive
  • 5120 GB Bandwidth
  • 2 Free IPs
$204.00 mo


  • Intel Xeon D-2141 I Processor
  • 8 CPU Cores x 2.20 Ghz CPU
  • 60 Gb RAM DDR4 Memory
  • 1790 GB RAID Level 1 SSD Hard Drive
  • 15360 GB Bandwidth Bandwidth
  • 2 Free IPs
$348.00 mo

Dedicated Servers (HHD) Plans

We provide powerful complete root access dedicated servers.


  • Intel®Xeon® E3-1220LV22 Processor
  • 2.30 GHz Dual Core w/HT (Turbo Boost) CPU
  • 4GB DDR3 ECC Memory
  • 1000 GB (RAID 1) Hard Drive
  • 5TB (at 100 Mbit/s port) Bandwidth
  • 2 Free Dedicated IPs
$145.20 mo


  • Intel®Xeon® E3-1265LV Processor
  • 2.50 GHz Dual Core w/HT CPU
  • 4GB DDR3 ECC Memory
  • 1000 GB (RAID 1) Hard Drive
  • 5TB (at 100 Mbit/s port) Bandwidth
  • 2 Free Dedicated IPs
$165.00 mo


  • Intel®Xeon® E3-1230V2 Processor
  • 3.20 GHz Quad Core w/HT CPU
  • 8GB DDR3 ECC Memory
  • 1000 GB (RAID 1) Hard Drive
  • 10TB (at 100 Mbit/s port) Bandwidth
  • 2 Free Dedicated IPs
$250.00 mo

Dedicated Hosting Features

Why choose Dedicated Server Hosting

Full Root Access

Enjoy complete control of your Dedicated Server

Semi Managed

We take care of all system upgrades for you

Instant Provisioning

Our servers are provisioned within 20 mins

Great Add-ons

cPanel, Plesk, WHMCS, IPs, SAN storage*

Easy Customization

Choose from multiple Linux flavours and hosting panels.

System Admin Support

24/7 Expert Support for your Dedicated Servers

Server Administration Panel

Easier server operations with fully integrated panel

Powerful Configurations

Powered by SSD storage, DDR4 Memory and Xenon D processors

Dedicated Servers Technical Specifications




Semi-Managed Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We've got answers!

What is a Dedicated Server?

A Physical Server which give a full hardware resource to one client dedicatedly. The customer can utilize the full CPU and RAM of the machine. Its mean you will get full control over the server and maximum performance.

What are the advantages of dedicated server hosting?

Dedicated server mean a full server only for you its mean you will get Better performance on your application. Dedicated server is not shared with other client so it's very reliable. As any other client does not have access to server you can be sure of having better security. Custom configure is only possible in all dedicated server so you make change they setting and firewall to make your server fully protected and secure.

Why should I buy a dedicated server?

For better performance, better security, greater reliability, custom configuration, custom firewall etc.

How long will it take for my Dedicated Server to be ready once I've placed the order?

Our provisioning systems ensure that your Dedicated Hosting Server is ready instantly and your server will be available for use immediately with no setup fees. No need to wait for 24 hours.

How can I to access my Dedicated Server?

We provide you with an SSH client with the root credentials when you sign up for our Cloud Hosting plans. The cPanel control panel is typically ideal for hosting accounts, cloud servers, and dedicated servers alike, giving users easier access to manage their website via a browser in real-time. As one of the best web hosting providers on Earth - we also offer a fully responsive Dedicated Server Control Panel so that you can take full command and jettison your server functions at any time with just a few clicks!

What billing software programs are available?

WHMCS is our hosting billing panel, and we offer a license to you for its installation on your dedicated server for a substantially lower cost.

Do you have managed hosting services for Dedicated servers?

Yes. We have Managed Dedicated Hosting services available for our new & existing customers. Managed hosting services can be purchased as an add-on feature with your server. Our team of server experts provide support for server setup, migration, proactive monitoring, server-hardening, security solutions & more. To know more about managed hosting services for dedicated servers, click here


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