Managed Servers

With this new functionality, we are bringing power to our customers by delivering maximum performance. Managed servers are the next phase for hosting, and we believe we have the best-in-class software to back up our promise.

Managed Servers Plans

Our Managed Servers are designed for any scale of business, from large enterprises down to the hobbyist. We offer three top-tier server plans; each with a unique set of perks and benefits that make them right for you.


$199.00 mo
  • Processor : Intel Xeon E3-1220LV2
  • CPU : 2 Cores
  • Memory : 4GB DDR3
  • Hard Drive : 1TB HDDx2 RAID 1
  • Bandwidth : 5TB Monthly
  • Dedicated IPs : 2 Free


$240.00 mo
  • Processor : Intel E3-1265LV2
  • CPU : 4 Cores
  • Memory : 4GB DDR3
  • Hard Drive : 1TB HDDx2 RAID
  • Bandwidth : 5TB Monthly
  • Dedicated IPs : 2 Free


$310.00 mo
  • Processor : Intel E3-1230V2
  • CPU : 4 Cores
  • Memory : 16GB DDR3
  • Hard Drive : 1TB HDDx2
  • Bandwidth : 15TB Monthly
  • Dedicated IPs : 2 Free

Top uses for Managed Servers

Managed servers are already pre-installed with the best software and OSs. This eliminates the hassle of installations so you can get to work immediately. Our unique approach includes a personalised support service for our customers and 24/7 monitoring for complete peace of mind.

Customised Server Setup

OS Hardening

App Optimisation

Full Root Access

Superior Support

Managed Server Features

  • Server setup
  • FTP Client setup
  • PHP Module installation
  • Site Migration
  • DNS Setup
  • Web Server configuration
  • Email client setup
  • SSL Installation
  • PHP Version upgrade
  • Server rebuild
  • MySQL upgrade
  • Server hardening
  • Email spam review
  • Firewall rule configuration
  • Security audit
  • Patching
  • Content recovery
  • Setup local backup
  • Process IP delist (free delist requests)
  • Cloudflare Configuration *
  • KernelCare Configuration *
  • Cloudflare Configuration *
  • Server rebuild
  • Apache optimization
  • MySQL optimization
  • Permissions ownership audit
  • PHP configuration changes
  • Disk space audit
  • Database management
  • Advanced performance analysis
  • Server monitoring
  • Backup & Restoration *
  • Softaculous Configuration *

* Requires to purchase license from 3rd party. Assistance provided for installation

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your favorite method for starting a new project?

As a part of the development process, we take the time to learn the needs of each client so that we'll have the ability to develop a strategic plan for their business. After we provide a plan, we can build solutions that will work to optimize their website's speed and capacity.

How long does it take to build a new website?

We believe in quality work. We require one to 2 weeks to begin the development process of a robust site. However, whether your project requires a specific timeline or your business has unique requirements, we may need to make some adjustments.

What are the different purposes that extensions serve and are extensions added when needed?

There are several themed extensions that can be selected, depending on the requirements you have. Some are paid and some are not. You can select an extension separately depending on your needs.

Once I launch my web site, what kinds of services can I anticipate?

To stay up-to-date in business, we're always carefully monitoring the most recent developments and updates for market trends and digital and technological news. We regularly freshen apps and develop new ideas to enhance our customer websites.

Which of the following activities are involved in the development and operation of e-commerce portals?

At Direct e-Commerce, we help start-up businesses by modernizing their activity. This includes coming up with a domain name and hosting it on our servers, designing a website logo, creating the website itself,  We also specialize in making sure your payment gateways function effectively so nothing is too strenuous during this challenging time!

In custom website design, what is the difference between ready-made and custom-made themes?

Ultimately, the budget is the main difference between pre-made and customized themes. You choose the theme that suits your needs best.

What types of WordPress development services are you offering?

Our developers offer a variety of WordPress engine options that work for different organizations and industries. We offer full website development with installation. We can also set up third-party integrations, updates, customizations, CMS development, plugin software, and Woo Commerce.

I already have a WordPress website and it needs to be updated. Can you help?

Yes, we will be more than happy to look at your existing website, and provide you the quote as well for updating it.

We love to assist. Seriously.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you're still unsure. We are here to help our customers, but we have no trouble providing service to others who are not our clients.