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Dec 7, 2022
How to Sell Products Online
How to Sell Products Online Introduction Selling products online can be a great way to make some extra money and increase your sales funnel. However, it can be frustrating and...
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Nov 30, 2022
How to Delete a WordPress Theme
If you’re using WordPress to manage your website, you may eventually want to delete one of the themes you’ve installed. Maybe you’ve found a new theme that you like better,...
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How to Protect Your WordPress Site from Cyber Attack
Introduction Cyberattacks are a real thing, and they can happen to your website at any time. If you’re not up to speed on the latest security measures, you could be...
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Secure IMAP-POP3
Oct 31, 2022
How to set-up e-mail accounts in cPanel
If you are looking for a way to manage your e-mail accounts in cPanel, this article will provide some useful information on how to set up new email accounts in...
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